My Story

Empowering exceptional experiences with technology platforms, digital solutions, and even life. I am builder of commerce technology, platforms and ecosystems. My mantra revolves around creating, innovating, and challenging the status quo. Rooted deeply in the art of digital creation, my first online media platform, born from a love for biking adventures, is a testament to my lifelong obsession with digital technology. I am not just a technologist; I am an creative, a leader, and an entrepreneur, all rolled into one.

As a serial founder with a passion for turning ideas into reality, my past ventures span a plethora of industries. As co-founder and CTO of Vander, I transformed the global commerce landscape, connecting brands and consumers seamlessly. While at White Rabbit, a venture studio, I steered a multi-talented team towards breaking barriers, questioning norms, and crafting revolutionary solutions for startup founders to take an idea through development and into scale. Achieving remarkable recognition, our team has proudly secured an outstanding total of 2 Best in Show awards, along with an exceptional assortment of 7 Gold and 1 Silver accolades in the prestigious American Advertising Awards in addition.

"Life Is Like Riding a Bicycle. To Keep Your Balance You Must Keep Moving"

- Albert Einstein

While in college I founded Skybolt, an award-winning agency, that worked closely with world-renowned brands, offering them unparalleled project management, web development, and marketing technology solutions with marquee clients such as MLB, Disney, Qualcomm, and Adidas.

I am happily married to my wife, Cortney for the past decade and together since meeting in their High School Spanish class. We have recently welcomed my son to our family, along with our two dogs. Photography has always been my long-term passion and in 2018, I was promoted to my son’s staff photographer. I enjoy adventures and a cycling enthusiast from mountain biking the Sierra Nevada to my wife joining me for a 180-mile tour from Reno, Nevada to Chico, California being my most notable shared touring experience yet. I am based in Greater-Northern California and seek to make a meaningful difference daily. 

In essence, I am not just about technology or commerce. I am about the experience. Every venture, every project, every collaboration is a testament to his undying commitment to delivering exceptional experiences. Whether you’re a startup founder or part of a global conglomerate, my expertise in commerce, product development, UX/UI design, and entrepreneurship is bound to inspire and drive results.


Van Tucker

Chief Digital Wizard + Digital Technology Advisor

As an experienced founder, technologist, maker, thinker, and explorer, I approach work and play with passion and experimentation by utilizing what I have learned to deliver exceptional experiences that connect with people –  just like you.

Over the past two decades, since I created my first online media platform for my friends’ biking adventures, I have been obsessed with digital technology and innovation. I’m a passionate entrepreneur launching startup companies, a full-service agency, and a venture studio, delivering results for startups to multi-million-dollar global enterprises within the health, wellness, fashion, fintech, entertainment, and industrial sectors.

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I collaborate with entrepreneurs to senior executives in three areas:

Building + advising digital technology platforms

engineering agency modeled ecosystems

Streamlining of Processes for Growth